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my favourite thing is having deep conversations with people youre not even that close with and never thought you would have deep conversations with

Mikhailovsky Ballet dancers in ‘Le Corsaire.’ 


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 


"I was raped in my own bed and I carry that weight with me wherever I go."

So honored for the opportunity to share her story. Documentary photographer Morrigan McCarthy and I spent a school day with Columbia University student, artist, and activist Emma Sulkowicz, who is carrying a 50-pound mattress on campus for as long as her rapist is around. (In other words, until he graduates.) The mattress is absurdly heavy. (I tried to pick it up myself.) Read the story and see the photos on


Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

please don’t


aa - birth and death (2013)

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"I Want A Cartoony Art Style but at the Same Time I Want A Realistic Style" - a song by me featuring fall out boy

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Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso at his studio near Cannes in 1956

actual piece of garbage, me

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Students sitting for an exam in Afghanistan.


Mary Addison Hackett

Flocked, 2014

oil on linen

10 x 8 in. 

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween



Portuguese designer Susana Soares has developed a device for detecting cancer and other serious diseases using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber into which the patient exhales; the bees fly into a smaller secondary chamber if they detect cancer. 

Scientists have found that honey bees - Apis mellifera - have an extraordinary sense of smell that is more acute than that of a sniffer dog and can detect airborne molecules in the parts-per-trillion range. 

Bees can be trained to detect specific chemical odours, including the biomarkers associated with diseases such as tuberculosis, lung, skin and pancreatic cancer.

breathe into the BEE ORB to reveal your fate